Friday, June 10, 2011

Tiger Blood Stout - BIAB

I knocked this stout up on the 27/02/11 it turned out absolutely delicious and will be my house stout, it's all gone now but I'm making more very shortly.
I was on a kick doing Charlie Sheen themed beers at the time ;)

I'll shortly do a full picture tutorial of this stout being made and also showing the whole BIAB technique.

It was my first time to use liquid yeast apart from harvested dry stuff.

Black patent 200g
Chocolate 500g
Crystal 1Kg
Wheat 1KG
Maris Otter 8KG
Roasted Barley 500g
Oat meal 500g

Marynka 60g 60 mins
Marynka 60g 30 Mins
Started with 65l of water, ended up with about 57l and then with losses to trub etc, about 55l out the end.
Mashed in at 69c

Pitched with Starter of Irish Ale yeast White labs.

The wort was very tasty, the batch before this got infected through a simple mistake.

It was also my first time to use the bulk buy marynka hops, all was good.

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